Shakespeare creates tension by using dramatic irony. An example of Shakespeare using dramatic irony is by king Duncan telling macbeth that he really trusts him, but king Duncan has no idea that Macbeth wants to kill him, to become king, but the audience knows what Macbeth’s plan are and his intentions. This is dramatic irony […]

This scene is about the witches completed brewing there spell of evil,they are congratulated by Hecate. Macbeth speaks to the witches and macbeth asks the witches to answer his questions. “I well done I commend your pains” was said by the Hecate to congratulate the witches.

Macbeth has changed because before Macbeth was told that he will become king he would have never killed his friends and family members. The witches told him this prophecy. Macbeth has changed by becoming more evil because he had  killed his cousin and best friend to be king.”noble soldier” describes Macbeth as a calm man […]

if this scene wasn’t in this play when the three witches speak to each other about the future of Macbeth and the main witch Hecate   Was threatening them.The three witches are scared of her. The prophecy that Macbeth will become king was said by the witches but they never told him how he became […]

This scene is a about Macbeth seeing Banquo ghost  coming to macbeths table. The ghost of Banquo makes Macbeth feels guilty and he doesn’t want to live this life because he doesn’t want anyone to know that he keeps killing people. There is a quotation to show this.” I am in blood stepped in so […]

This scene is about Macbeth and lady Macbeth worrying about the death of Duncan and scared that Macbeth and lady Macbeth will get caught .she advises not to speak about the incidence.”be innocent of knowledge.”

This scene is about Macduff Ross and the old man.the old man and mucduff are really angry that the King has died .the two Thanes won’t to start war to find out who killed the King. There is a quote that shows that the Thanes are angry “Duncan’s horses a thing most strange and certain […]

This scene is about the dagger soliloquie with Macbeth is about how Macbeth will hold the dagger and kill King Duncan on of the quotes that describe this is “deep and black desires.”

 Macbeth and lady Macbeth have been planning to kill the King.Macbeth enters King Duncan’s  chamber and kills Duncan. Lennox enters Duncan’s chamber and sees the dead body of Duncan. When donaldbain and Malcolm the sons of Duncan run away because there scared that they might be killed next. Lady Macbeth faints to try protect her […]

Why is Macbeth scared to kill Duncan but in war he will kill anyone?i think that he is scared to kill the King because he liked Duncan and respected him.

I have chosen this question because it shows two sides of Macbeth he can be very nice when it comes to friends but when it is his enemy’s he will kill them. Continue reading